Hala, Author at ELE Interior

Up and Coming Trends for Neighborhood Cafes

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than with a cup of artisan coffee in your favorite neighborhood café, or maybe you have flexible working locations so find yourself most productive nestled into the corner of a buzzy little joint near your office.  But not all neighborhood cafes are made equal, in a city […]
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Tips & Guide to Open Shelving

Open shelves are a modern, elegant addition to any room. There are so many applications for open shelving other than just a bookcase, their versatility includes dividing spaces, to providing more storage and creating a unique display space it also can act as a tool to provide a light source and enhancing an otherwise featureless […]
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How to elevate any room with design details from ELE Interior

There are many interior design elements that transform any room, from the simplest details to the most extravagant.  At ELE Interior, there are elements that are important to keep in mind when designing are space, lines, form or shape, pattern, light, colour, and texture. Starting with the lines around the house whether they’re horizontal, dynamic, […]
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